Friday, September 26, 2008

The Proud Neighbors of the Confederate States of America

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The Criminal Deportee

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New York State Division of Parole's Release of Persons Convicted of Violent Crimes

Click on the link below to download the report written by Marlon and Huwe Burton in February 2008. Click on the file entitled "The Spitzer report"

Executive Summary

*"Spitzer lets 215 killers loose." "Scum, Walk This Way--215 killers freed in Spitzer's first year as gov." "Prison break of NY." "How 3 killers talked way out--A look at cold-blooded murderers who were among parade of thugs freed in Spitzer's 1st year." "Senate GOP Claims Spitzer Parole Stance Promotes 'Jailbreak'."

These recent headlines alarmingly describe the concern over the New York State Division of Parole's increased release of persons convicted of A-1 violent crimes, particularly violent A-1 felonies. Justifiably so, since an A-1 felony is the most serious offense for which anyone can be convicted-- crimes ranging from kidnapping and arson to murder. Anytime an individual who was convicted of a serious violent crime is about to be released from prison the community-at-large should be concerned and questions should be asked.

But do communities (i.e., the home communities) to which most of the incarcerated population are returning know what questions to ask? Do they know whom to ask? Are the concerns vented in recent media representative of the interests of the home communities? What is parole? What is its purpose and how does it function? What is the home community's role in the parole/release process? Why are "killers" being let loose?

This year is an important election year not only because of the presidential election, but because the New York State Senate could experience a significant power shift. If Senate Republicans lose just two seats in November the balance of powers will tilt to the Democrats who already have a Democratic governor as their chief executive. With so much at stake it is important that the informed citizen meticulously investigates any media headlines that appear to push a political agenda.

The author of this report and his colleagues recognized the slew of media attention given to the subject of parole and its release of violence felons and questioned the intentions of the articles. The resulting answers revealed that the motivations of the people fueling the media attention actually cared very little about the release of persons convicted of violence felonies as safety issue. Money, job security, and political representation in the New York State legislature proved to be the true locus of their concern.

* This report is written in response to articles published in the New York Daily News, New York Times, and the New York Law Journal. These articles are included as exhibits.

Sarah Palin's Blog to Senator McCain

Sa-rah, Sa-rah, Sa-rah! John, the crowds love me. I'm the real American idol now. A pistol packing, moose hunting, pork barreling, earmarking celebrity. Will the real Britney Spears stand up--here I am.

Ahh...John, this is a dream come true. A Palin/McCain administration is going to bring some real excitement to our GOP and it is all because of me and "my guy". I raised $4.4 million for the campaign in the 12 hours after you found me. I've taken 20 points worth of white women voters from Sambo--oops--Obama (didn't mean to let it slip out again). I am gonna be the best president...uhh...vice-president ever. Excuse this Freudian slip, but it might as well be the true because I am the reason why we're still in this race. Sambo ain't gonna beat this pistol packer!

The people love me and the people in the other 48 states besides Alaska does too. All of the Alaskans that matter, that is. The blacks don't matter, for sure. That's why I don't have one of 'em in my administration.

Back to the Alaskans that matter; the good people that grow in our small towns, particularly in Wasilla. Did you hear that my opponent in the Alaskan senate said? She's a GOP traitor (and the president of the Republican led senate), the kind I like ot reform out of office. Lydia Green said, "I think what happened here was her personal desire to satisfy a local constituency, and not what is right for the state."

She's damn right! As long as I secure my federal earmarks I'm ok. Why should I care about the other 48 states. We got oil up here. Don't let this get out, but 3/4 of the value of a barrel of oil is taken by my state before it is permitted to leave the state. My constituents get $3200/year from the oil revenues and particularly because of my push to take advantage of rising oil prices. I know how patriotic you are about your country John--country first and so on, but it's me 1st and then Alaskan 2nd in my eyes.

But we're doing a superb job of hoodwinking everybody Your guy, Rick Davis, is also doing a cool job of coddling me from the media. Anyway, the public likes stories more than issues. They believed I sold my house on ebay. Yeah, right! They believe I've done a great job of vetoing $500 million on state spending even though that was only 2% of the proposed budget.

John, we're fooling 'em--we're fooling 'em! I'm so fabulous, wow!

Hey I saw you on 60 minutes on Sunday and you looked great. I especially loved the part where you showed the dog tag of a soldier killed in Iraquistan (I don't see the difference between Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe I'll get some enlightenment when I meet at the UN this week). That crash course in foreign affairs will give me the experience I need to debate Biden next week. That'll do great with my extensive 21 month executive experience as governor.

Before I log out, what do you wanna do about the Wall St. problem? I say reform everything. When I say that word "reform" everyone gets excited even though I don't ever say what I'm gonna reform thing to because I really don't know.

I guarantee you'll win the debate against Obama if you say reform at least two dozen times. Go get 'em you ole maverick!

BTW, the other 48 states are more dense than my Alaskans. I'm winning an election that a republican has no business winning.

And I don't care who read this e-mail because...I'm gonna reform. Reform! Reform! Reform!

Now watch the polls rise.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John McCain's Response to Bush's Blog

Hey George, you gotta be careful about what you put on these computer things because the press might et a hold of it and... hell, who am I kidding, we run the press! Besides, these American people are dummer than Bristol's baby daddy. I'd hate for Stephanie... Samantha, uhh...uh... Sarah to read that though.

She was a good political pickup, huh. That line, "the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom is lipstick", was a killer, a real pistol packer. What a sound byte! Skewing scathing rancor at Baracko at Biden; she fits right into the Grand Ole Party way. Did I mention that she is a pistol packer. Cindy called her that last week at the convention. I was a little nervous at first at that comment. I thought the blacks and the latinos would be mad sicne they are the ones being gunned down like Iraqis in a ghetto near you. But, hey, they missed that one too.

I got these people focusing on how great a soldier I was. Scaring the shit of of 'em with that terrorist attack talk you always use, cowboy. I know I doubted you at first when you suggested that I use that tactic, but I'm sure you understand that I was going on the fact that you have the lowest presidential approval rating since Nixon--and he was forced to resign. But goddamn, it's working like a charm. Yahoo!

What you think about how I stole Baracko's platform of change and called it reform. Be for real Georgy, why would I change Washington if I AM WASHINGTON? Been there 30 years almost. Me reforming Washington would be like Castro saying he's gonna reform Cuba. If it wasn't for the corporate donations from Washington lobbyists I couldn't finance this campaign. That $84 million the government gives out for campaign financing ain't enough. I ain't like Baracko who gets all his funding from private donors. George, the only thing I'm reforming is Barack's change platform; I'm remixing it and the public is buying it like a Puff Diddy record.

Ya know, I love my country--I really do; but they are so gullible. They believed your retarded rhetoric for 8 years and I am on my way to manipulating them into winning this election for me.

Oh hold on... I gotta go. I'll talk to you later. I gotta read a blog that Sassy Sarah just sent to me.

It's a good thing these computer bloggies can't be ready by anyone else, but even if it could they wouldn't think for themselves.

An Excerpt From President Bush's Blog by Marlon Peterson

The American public is so stupid! As president, I couldn't ask for more.

In the days after 9/11 I wasn't sure how to promote this war. I thought calling it a "crusade" was kind of catchy--with a historic twist, but my advisers thought I was being too radical. So I took the advice of Dick and decided to market the war as a Global War on Terrorism. Ya know, "friends of our enemies are also our enemies". The fools actually fell for it!

Oh, then I stole a line from ole Woodrow Wilson. Promoting his war, he told the public that the war "was as a selfless act by the American people, not a war for national conquest or economic gain, but to make the world safe for democracy". Sounds familiar, right? I bet these idiots thought that I made that up myself. I must admit, it does sound original.

I outdid myself with that one because with that statement I set the stage to declare war on the Middle East (except Israel, of course); Afghanistan was too easy, besides, I really wanted Sadaam. He and my Daddy had some unfinished business and I am my daddy's keeper.

I had to figure out a way to manipulate those American bozos.


I told them that Sadaam was a friend of ...ummmm.ha...bin...bin... whatever his name. I also ran that "friend of our enemy is also our enemy" line. It was a long shot, but it worked. I milked it more and said that Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction--even though I thought that was absurd. WMDs was just a grandiose name for big guns, missiles, and bombs. Didn't we blow up Hiroshima and Nagasaki beacuse they dropped WMDs on Pearl Harbor? That was--ninth grade history. They do say that the average American reads at an eighth grade level, so I guess I beat the numbers by a grade. Rummy came up with that one after a night of whiskey shots (too bad I had to give him the boot like that). We even had that sellout Colin swearing to the UN that Sadaam was hiding WMDs. That's OUR BOY!

Then there was the game of word semantics. "The Great War for Democracy", "The Democratic Peace Aim Theory", and my favorite "The Bush Doctrine". Laura gets excited every time I say it.

I had the public believing that democratic nations would make for a more peaceful world, blah, blah, blah, blah...

Re-election year approached and I had to cook up a plan to distract the dense public from real issues. Voila! The gays. I gave my political base names like neo-conservatives and the religious right. I had them terrified that the Democrats were gonna legitimize gay marriage. Honestly, why would I be against gay marriage if my VP has a daughter that's a lesbo. The distraction worked better than I thought. I didn't even have to steal the election. More people voted for me than before. God, I love this stupid country! The American people make me feel samart (sic).

I bettered them at my 2nd Inaugural Address. What did I say? Oh, yeah:

"The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in the entire world"

I wanted to laugh so badly as I said that, that I farted at the podium.

I outlasted my dad, but there had to be some changes. Colin was becoming a nuisance, so I fires him and hire Candi... I mean, Condi. I like to call her Auntie Candi; it fits her just right.

Together we would browbeat the American with more semantics that would propagate the war: Islamic extremists, radicals, insurgents, Islamofascists, and so on. Auntie Candi tickles me with her term, "neoimperialist"-- that's a secret. It described me perfectly because I am a money and power hooligan just like the Muslims. Hip hop ain't got nuthin' on this thug.

Forced democratization--Democratic extremist. I hope that Al Jazeera doesn't get hip to those terms; they're not as manipulative as the American public-- or are they?

I hear that thousands of soldiers have died. The number of US citizens killed in terrorist attacks has risen compared to pre-9/11 levels. Global terrorism has nearly quadrupled since 2000. I got tens of thousands of Iraqis dead already in the name of peace. Peace, what!? Piece of my gun-slinging cowboy ass! That's Dick's favorite line. Yahoo!

Remember when I had to convince the public that we need to "clarify" the rules of the Geneva Convention. I've been wiretapping illegally for years, but it's time I convince the fools that I need their permission to do it. I had an interview with Paul A. Gigot of the "Wall Street Journal". Here's a bit of what I told him:

"Now my view of the country is this: Most people want us to win. There are a good number who say, get out now. But most Americans are unified in the concept--of the idea of winning".

Especially Ole Johnny Mac. The audacity of these idiots like Baracko, Gore, Biden, and that bitch Hillary, with her pant suit sisterhood.

You know, it's a good thing that these blogs can't be erased by anyone else, but it wouldn't matter anyways because the American public is sooooo stupid!